3 VoIP Troubleshooting Tips

To an IT administrator, causes of some of the VoIP performance issues may seem to be very complex and opaque. After installation, problems can surface very fast resulting in lots of user reports or much worse, calls not coming through. It is very important, for the sake of the success of your business to maintain a good call quality. As such, troubleshooting the VoIP and keeping it at its peak performance is a skill that all IT teams have to master. In this article, we will have a look at how you can best troubleshoot some common VoIP issues and employ different metrics to assess the environment you are operating in – VoIP troubleshooting tips.

Network jittertips-Voip-systems

This occurs when the network packets arrive too late, too early or they are just out of the normal sequence. VoIP systems are set to accept packets arriving in a consistent and predictable manner and in a certain order. When the jitter occurs, the calls may turn to be very pitchy, difficult to hear or halt altogether. You should compare your bandwidth usage with the jitter rate to find a correlation. If it is not the problem, then you might be forced to dig a little deeper to find the source of the disturbance.

Packet Loss

It is common to find calls degrading to a noticeable rate in the burst periods that are sustained. This occurs when large amounts of packets are dropped at once. This may occur when the jitter buffer, meant to correct the network jitter gets to its threshold and is overwhelmed. Poor connection (wireless) or a malfunction on the circuit may also be the cause. Whichever the reason, you will have to track as well as analyze the burst periods to be able to uncover the root cause of the problem.

Call management issues

If the end users report issues of starting calls, there could be several reasons causing things and that you may have to investigate. First, the VoIP server that you have up and running may not be able to handle all the requests that it is receiving, or the IP of the user’s phone is misconfigured or there may be a connectivity problem on either the server or client side.to troubleshoot this issue effectively, you will have to isolate a call, and analyze the point at which it failed or degraded. This will help you get to the root of the problem.

In the long term, having a clear and strong understanding of the network environment and the issues affecting it will place you at a better chance of addressing the issues fast or even before they affect the end user.

Choosing the Right Bow for You

bow-307275__180With so many different manufacturers of bows and and such a great variety of models to select from the modern bow hunter, especially those who are beginners in the sport, may feel a bit uncertain and even overwhelmed when trying to choose the right bow for them. The fact of the matter, that makes the decision that much more difficult is that the answer may not be as cut and dry as we would like.

The good news is that just about every bow on the market can deliver enough striking power to bring down a good sized deer and this is according to www.kskbiggameoutfitters.com. So the choice is based on the personal preferences and opinion of the hunter handling the bow. It is the best idea to find a bow that suits you as an individual. Here are some helpful tips to selecting the right bow for you.

1. Select the Best Draw Length for You

this is an important point. Many bowhunters step into a hunting outlet in search of a good bow and will have a clever salesman sell them on a model that just doesn’t fit – which means that the draw length is either too short or too long. It is easy to determine the exact draw length for you by measuring your outstretched arm span from finger tip to finger tip and divide the distance by 2.5.
Using the incorrect draw length is as bad as wearing a shoe that is either too big or too small.

2. Draw Weight is not a Matter of Pride

This is a very common problem that we see a lot in the sport. Many bowhunters associate the draw weight with being more macho and a more effective killing device. Yet this is a common misconception, the fact is that you want a bow that you can handle easily in the frozen wilderness as you can in the summer warmth or it won’t be much good. A 40 lb bow in the hands of someone who knows is everybit as good as a 70 lb bow

3. Try It Before You Buy It

This is also very important when making an intelligent selection. In order to know what to expect from your bow you’re gonna have to launch a few arrows. Each bow has a very different reaction, draw, vibration, grip, characteristics of motion etc. and many other particulars you will not be able to fully appreciate till you have practiced with it. If you are buying a bow online or from a pawnshop, try visiting a local hunting outlet and see if they don’t have the same model available for testing.

A DUI Attorney Can Help

dui-40566_1280Getting arrested for driving under the influence, otherwise known as getting a DUI, is a crime that is dangerous and that also carries serious consequences. In most cases, you’ll be arrested and placed in jail. In addition, you’ll need a defense attorney, one who understands the DUI laws and court proceedings, to defend you.

If you are arrested for driving under the influence, you will want to take the proper steps so that you do not have your license suspended. In order to prevent this from happening, you need to hire a defense attorney. This will speed up the process of getting you out of jail, and will get the ball rolling on the various procedures needed to keep you out of jail.

If you’ve never been arrested before, the system may allow you to leave jail on your own, either with someone picking you up or, with you driving home on your own. However, if bail is involved, a DUI lawyer will most certainly have to be called to help with the process.

A DUI carries another serious consequences – you may get your driver’s license suspended. Without the proper steps to prevent this from happening, you could become a person who is no longer legally able to drive. A defense attorney who specializes in DUI cases can work to prevent your driver’s license from being suspended.

The job of a DUI lawyer is to work with you to rid you of your DUI arrest. Trying to take care of the paperwork and court procedures on your own is not recommended. Only a professional criminal defense attorney knows how to fight the system, including the Department of Motor Vehicles. Only they know how to move the process along quickly, often within the first ten days of your arrest.

They will advise you to plead either guilty or not guilty. However, in almost all situations, the defendant will plead not guilty to have time to build their case and lessen the charges. You need time for your DUI lawyer to review all of the facts with you in order to attain your freedom. There are also certain things about your arrest that only a DUI lawyer would know to focus on. For example, were you read your rights? Was your blood alcohol levels taken properly? What about the credibility of the arresting officer? Did he or she follow proper procedures, or did they leave out crucial information, or, exaggerated crucial information in the arrest report? Were you stopped illegally? Are there any other potential holes?

However, if the evidence is overwhelming against the defendant, the defendant may wish to please guilty. However, you may still be able to get the amount of fees and penalties reduced with a competent DUI lawyer. He or she knows how to negotiate with the judge quickly and effectively.